Present Objectives

The main objective of the Garden Path at present is to (i) continue delivering quality programmes both at Butterfly Peace Garden and the Monkey’s Tale Centre, and (ii)  focus on development, field-testing and training in the use the Garden Path Out-of-the-Box Curriculum. This curriculum consists of a collection of 10 toys addressing 10 areas of practice.

  • Kolams – Relaxation through Concentration
  • House of Peace – Balancing Inner and Outer Worlds
  • Labyrinths– Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • The Story Crow – Story Creating and Story Telling
  • The Story Snake – Dealing with Duplicity
  • Mud Mountain – Understanding Media and Politics through Play
  • Masks – A Theatre of Community Transformation
  • Mystery Painting – Symbolizing Unconscious Energy
  • MettaMapping – Image-based Programme Planning
  • The Kuti Amma Appa Game – Transforming Risk into Realization

The Out-of-the-Box Curriculum helps us through whatever life throws at us by connecting us to something bigger than our own wired and fixated minds. It brings people of various backgrounds together in a spirit of openness, friendship and mutual assistance, not just in war zones, but wherever unprecedented social change is occurring. It follows the footsteps of children into the compassionate heart of Garden practice.