Beautiful Nonsense – The Book

Beautiful Nonsense
Published in 2018 by Garden Path Serendipity
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Beautiful Nonsense follows one man’s meander re-inventing the real in a dystopian world increasingly defined by speed and a deluge of digital distractions. Paul Hogan is an artist from Canada who has worked for forty years with image, story, myth and theatre in creative collaboration with forgotten and marginalized people at home and abroad. Starting with apparitional street theatre in Toronto in the early 70’s he helped develop gardens of healing for physically challenged children in Canada and for youth affected by war, natural disaster and genocide in Sri Lanka and Cambodia. He now works with the Garden Path “Project Phoenix” in Sri Lanka and with local artists in Toronto adapting his Out-of-the-Box Curriculum to contemporary North American conditions.

“Before meeting Paul Hogan at the Butterfly Peace Garden in Sri Lanka I had seen many children’s trauma programs. But never had I seen one that so completely embraced the non-rational imagination of children in the service of healing. Paul has created a therapeutic process for all time, a portable Garden experience that can be used with traumatized children throughout the world.

Read this book. Enjoy its stories. Allow your imagination to resonate with the images. Then apply it to the treatment of children everywhere.” – from the preface by Rev. Dr. John R. Van Eenwyk